We produce story-driven games that blend together the Visual Novel and Point and Click Adventure genres for a dynamic interactive experience!



Far-off Daydream Games was established in 2016 by Leonid Pilchin, an artist, animator and writer with 10 years of experience in the animation production industry. Leonid Pilchin is the creative director, writer and chief artist on all Far-off Daydream projects. We collablorate with both local and international artists, musicians, and actors to produce our games, and do our best to participate in independent gaming events. Most recently, we were featured at the Gaming Garage at the Canadian National Exhibition, the largest summer event in Toronto.

The first published game from us, Ghosts Are Good Hosts, sees a gender-neutral protagonist arrive at a dinner party full of quirky and eccentric ghosts, dead set on making our hero the main course! The dialogue-driven puzzle adventure forces the player to interact with all the ghosts to learn more about their personalities and histories, ultimately befriending them in order to avoid this terrible fate.

Our second title, Put A Sock In It!, is another comedic work. When Serena, an artistic urbanite with a wild imagination, has the misfortune of being locked in a stairwell one Friday evening, with all her coworkers gone home for the weekend - a humorous choose-your-own-adventure begins! After running out of make-up to paint on the walls in an effort to soothe her boredom, she turns to telling stories with her colourful socks! She's made four characters (Princess, Ghost, Wizard, and Stable Boy) and they will all have something to say about each other - every pair has a different relationship, with vastly diverging storylines. But why?! Where is all this going? The lessons, of course! There are 30 lessons to learn from among the 90 unique endings the characters can have. With the help of her new friends (the socks), maybe, just maybe, Serena will learn that her best friend is actually herself!

Our Work

The title we are currently developing is A Near Dawn. Though not without charm and humour, it is quite a bit different than our previous work, this is a psychological thriller that thoroughly penetrates to the dephts of its characters, beginning with Seattle attorney, Sam Nichols. An inescapable darkness haunts our protagonist in the form of Grave, a viscious and malevolant figure that lurks inside Sam's own mind, just aching for a chance to burst out through the surface. With his mentor's firm going under, our protagonist refuses to watch everything they've worked for crash and burn. There is still hope, if he can figure out this one case and stay ahead of their opposition, Sam may be able to save everyone... Right?

A Near Dawn is fully voiced mystery with animated cinematics. While it is built on a Visual Novel platform, it is greatly inspired by classic Point and Click Adventure games, therefore rather than following the along with the story, the control of every situation and interaction is placed square in the player's hands. You can choose to be nice and amicable, or unleash the darkness that's within and really make them hate you!



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