Put A Sock In It! is available free:

What would you do if you were trapped someplace all alone? Put A Sock In It! dares ask the question:

How far would you go to entertain yourself?

Having locked herself in a stairwell, Serena is quickly beginning to run out of distractions. Thankfully, she has two colorful socks and a penchant for amusing herself. You choose a pair of socks and to pass the time Serena will weave short, humorous skits based on your selections, with storylines ranging from romantic melodrama between Princess and Stable Boy to merciless quarrels between an evil Wizard and spooky Ghost.

With all her coworkers gone for the weekend, no way of contacting the outside world, and no hint of rescue in sight, Serena will discover that maybe, just maybe, her best friend is actually herself. And these puppets she just made from her socks..

Put A Sock In It! is an outrageously silly choose-your-own-adventure game featuring animated sock action, about 90 Endings and 30 Life Lessons for you to help the characters learn. You play the game by selecting each pair of characters, for a total of four combinations: Princess x Wizard, Ghost x Stable Boy, Wizard x Ghost, and Stable Boy x Princess. Each pairing gives you control of the situation and relationship from one of the characters' point of view. For example, in the Princess x Wizard pairing, the Wizard has abducted her and you play as the Princess, guiding the story with her reactions - do you hate him, or could this be love? Reviewers have also remarked on the pleasant insight in some of the lessons and writing, it might surprise you.

Scenic Stables

Spooky Dungeon

Wizard's Brewing Chamber

▣ Writing - Leonid Pilchin
▣ Character Art & Animation & UI - Leonid Pilchin
▣ Background Art - Alexander Kaloyan
▣ Programming - Istvan Orosi
▣ Music - Various Wonderful Contributors

Thanks for checking it out and don't forget to eat your vegetables!